Week 7 – Food Habits

Joe BrownThis guy to the left is my grandfather, Joe Brown.  He was 1/2 Cherokee and must have been some kind of go getter.  He moved to Murray county and started a business drilling water wells.  He married my very fair, blue eyed grandmother, had 12 kids and started a trucking company that is still in business today.  My mother adored him.  I was in awe of him.  He was well respected by all folks in his community and I’ve never heard a bad thing about him.

His legacy has always been something I’m proud of and have striven to live up to.  So thankful and proud of my Cherokee heritage.  In my family it was just who we are.  Never felt entitled or downtrodden because of it.  So there’s where I come from.

Did I mention my grandmother?  She was a short, little thing, just like me.  I only remember her having platinum hair, just like mine!  and darned if I wouldn’t bet I weigh about the same as she did.    I didn’t get her icy blue eyes,  but I have been referred to as “Granny Brown” on a few occasions.  I really don’t know why….

This little history of me lesson has been to explain my theory that I think I’m predestined to be just the size I am now.  I’m not happy with it and won’t settle for it but at least I understand it!  Just my way of saying, this losing weight is hard stuff for me.  Harder than I imagined it would be when I really got down to business and started paying attention.  As a matter of fact so has been my horse training!!!!!

If you eat under 1200 calories a day you risk not getting the nutrients for good health.  For most people that amount of calories will ensure good amounts of weight loss.  However, when you are 5′ nothin’ and have small tiny, skinny bones (so you can’t use “big boned”), 1200 calories a day won’t get you anywhere.  In fact, my app tells me that at the end of 5 weeks, I’ll still weight 128!  Along way from my 110 goal.  I ALREADY weight 128 for mercy sakes!  So…what to do????

According to myfitnesspal app, my basal metabolism rate is 1,067 calories.  If I stick close to 1,200 calories a day, there is no way I won’t lose pounds.  So that’s my plan for this week.

  1. Enter all my food intake into the www.MyFitnessPal.com app.
  2. Stick as close as I can to 1,200 calories.
  3. Enter my activities from my NikeBand into the app.

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