Week 6 – Food Habits

Do them!Well, I really blew it last Friday!  I had fried catfish and okra all breaded and two hushpuppies!  I was stuffed and woke up that way the next morning.  Not a good feeling.  Then after getting hot during the day on Saturday got a green tea drink and BREADED mozzarella sticks for lunch.  On Sunday every joint in my body ached.  I didn’t feel like doing anything and had to take 2 Aleve’s which didn’t really work.

Since I have been completely avoiding wheat and having no joint pain issues this episode really drove home the fact that what I eat so affects how I feel.  It was enough to make eating that way very  unattractive to me, well until the next time I have to have some catfish!  Tough!  Old habits hard to break.

A big issue for me is the fact that I have to cook all the time to have food available to eat.  In my mind, I always feel that I have more important things to be doing than working in the kitchen!  Guess it all boils down to priorities and the more I eat like I need to the more clear it is that it’s necessary.  Funny though, I don’t resent giving up foods, I’m grateful and proud that I’m finally getting somewhere with my diet.

It appears that the weight I have lost was from the wheat and sugar products I was eating.  Now it’s sort of leveled off and I need to go steps further.

This week’s new food habit:

  1. Track my food intake with www.myfitnesspal.com  app to see where I’m getting too many calories to lose weight faster!
  2. Eat less!
  3. Keep up with my other food committments.




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