Week 5 – Food Habits

Better by changeI’ve learned that when you give up your “favorites” all the sudden eating isn’t the great fun and event it use to be.  You don’t think about food all the time and can actually focus on having fun doing something else!

Giving up soft drinks falls in this category.  That Dr. Pepper at the end of the trail is an event I dearly miss!  Not enough to sabotage my plan, but I’ve yet to find something as satisfying.  I love water.  Sometimes it’s just not enough.

I’m actually eating fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheese, meats, nuts, avocados, and using canola oil (olive oil is so expensive and canola is the same type of oil).  I’ve also eliminated wheat like I planned.  It’s not been much of a problem until Hal brings home DONUTS!!!  And yesterday, I ate a hamburger with the bun.  Honestly, those have been my only cheats since I started.

Although I haven’t lost a lot of weight, I do feel really good.  No aches and pains and my digestive problems haven’t been bothering me.  I still take that acid reflux medication every morning, but am having none of the flare ups that were happening in the evening.  Except for yesterday when I ate that donut and hamburger!

My plan is to fine tune later when I get all these little problems I give myself fixed!  Then I’ll attack weight loss.  I’ve lost about 5 pounds so far and it hasn’t shown back up.  On my 5′ frame, that’s a significant amount for me.

This week’s new food habit has to do with my 3:00 snack attack.  I know this comes from YEARS of teaching school when at that 3:00 pm bell my snack alarm went off.  My  reward for making it through another day!  For whatever reason it’s my reality still!  I’ve got to have SOMETHING to eat and fast!

So here’s the plan: 

(1)  Stock up on healthy snacks in my desk drawer or my lunch box

(2) A large water (I think I get a little dehydrated about now and we don’t have a water cooler in the office)

When I get home I’m in the HABIT of having a cup of coffee and sitting down for awhile to wait for it to cool off outside a little.  Depends on how hot it is as to how long I sit there.  Sometimes it’s a very long time.  This breaks into my getting all my Nike Band points that I’m still struggling with!

There is always weather.  This summer has been one of the best in many years so I try not to use that excuse to myself.  It’s still a struggle to get up and get out some days!

I need a Just Do It! t-shirt.


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