To Begin

ImageOn a Strawberry Moon isn’t a place and it isn’t a thing.  It’s a beginning and it just happens to have started on Friday, the 13th of June on a Strawberry Moon.  It’s as good a time to start as any.  Writing it down takes it to commitment level for me.

These things have been rolling around in my head for a very long time.  Somewhere, I read that we are two people; the one you see every day and the one inside of your head.  I’ve decided I want to be the one inside my head.  That means a lot of work for me.

I was thinking that you might come along too.  Pretty sure I can use a buddy or two or more.

No way is my path the same as yours, but I’m willing to share.  You are welcome to follow along and make up your own as we go.  I’m going to count on you to do it your way.  There are a million ways to do any one thing.  You may know of an easier path than the one I’m on.  We all have our own way of going.  Sometimes all it takes is a little pull in the right direction to get us going.

That’s what this is.

Don’t know where this will wind up,  but for now I’m committed.

If not now, when?






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