Spotting That Trailer Blues

Parking at NightGot the trailer, loaded all your stuff, ready to go.  Made it to the camp site, now what?  Although we ride a 1,000 pounds of raw energy easily and confidently, the thought of backing that trailer into the camp site can turn the toughest trail rider into a sweaty mass of pure dread!  If I’m going somewhere that parking is tight, personally, I just hope Tommy is there!  He is a nice guy, a backing fool and will gladly help anyone!  Unfortunately sometimes he’s just not there!

I got my granddaughter a toy truck and long horse trailer to play with, but I’ve spent quite a bit of time practicing backing it myself!  I do think it helps.  I’ve had my trailer a long time and have been many places with it and done just fine.  That hasn’t alleviated my sweaty palms and dread at pulling into camp.  I just suck it up and do my best!

In the Quarter Horse Journal I found an article, One Step Forward and Two Steps Back“, by Holly Clanahan that has been helpful and felt the need to share.  I hope you can get one good tip from it!

My horse buddies are great trailer wranglers and really don’t have big problems.  We help each other make sure we don’t run into trees or electric/water hydrants so it’s all good.  I have the greatest group of friends to ride with and I value and appreciate them all the time!

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