About Me

I’m an Okie

I’m a Sooner Fan

I’m an Aries and boy do I have an opinion!

While attending the University of Oklahoma I earned a BS Degree in Home Economics.  That translates into I studied how to manage life.

Taught middle/high school classes in Family and Consumer Science long enough to retire with a pension!  Yes, I’ve been through a lot of ideas and opinions in my career.

Worked for Skills Centers/CareerTech within the Department of Corrections on special projects for 5 years.  I saw the other side of success in life.

Started a trucking business with my husband.  This math challenged girl became responsible for all of accounting functions of our business.  Loved it.  Figured out it was all about organization, not math.

Got the opportunity of a lifetime to work with yearlings/future barrel racing horses at the Jud Little Ranch in Springer, Oklahoma.  Had to pinch myself everyday to find out if I was dreaming.  It was very hard work, but I loved almost every minute.  My office was a 60′ round pen and yearlings were my students.

Now I’m finally at a point where I can slow down and take all the knowledge I’ve gathered and put it to work making plans to manage my health (Best Life) and train my horses (Best Horse).  This project is about life coming together.  My life, maybe your life as well!

Would love for you to join me.  Would be great if you would join me.  Horses doesn’t have to be your thing.  It can be whatever is your hearts desire.

The way I see it, in 90 days we can be in the very same spot or somewhere else down the road where we really want to be.





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