Week 1 – Food Habits

I’m thinking I can take on a new habit in each of the following categories each week: (1) Improve diet, (2) Exercise, (3) Take away stress. These are changes I plan to keep … Continue Reading →

Progressive Food Plan

Overview of all healthy habits put into place each week.     This guide about parallel space will help you to run double whatsapp account without establishing android telephone. Take … Continue Reading →

Ride Your Best Horse

I love the training part of riding a horse.  Every time you get on a horse you are training it in some way or another. Although I consider myself a teacher, my sister says … Continue Reading →


For years I have made plans over and over.  Actually, they are the very same plans.  Seems like they come up on Sundays.  I labor over these plans.  Pull all … Continue Reading →

To Begin

On a Strawberry Moon isn’t a place and it isn’t a thing.  It’s a beginning and it just happens to have started on Friday, the 13th of June on a Strawberry Moon.  It’s … Continue Reading →